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How to decorate a bedroom for school-age kids?

How to decorate kids bedroom?

Every start is a challenge, especially if you are just starting your educational journey. We all remember our first teacher, first school bad and first day of school. In order to avoid adaptation problems and help your child to adjust to school as painlessly as possible, it is important to prepare them well. For instance, one good way is to decorate a bedroom for school-age kids for new challenges. In order to make the school-age kid’s room functional and suitable for new tasks, we have prepared some important decorating tips.

1. Get a desk

One of the key things is a new desk, appropriate for the child’s age. The desk should be placed next to a window to take advantage of a natural light source. It is best to place the table sideways so that the light comes from the left, or right in case the child is left-handed. If the table is placed directly next to the window, you’ll also have to provide protection from the sun. In addition, the table should be positioned so that while seated the child has a direct or side view of the door of the room so that the door is not behind his back.

2. Prepare a workstation

The work surface of the table should be matte so as not to create any reflections. Secondly, it is very important to choose an ergonomically shaped chair with headrests and armrests. Children are developing and it is very important that they do not bend their spine or damage their eyes.

3. Give them light

A table lamp should be placed on the table. The most practical lamps are those that can be moved in all directions. Additionally, a lamp should be attached to the table with the help of clamps so that it is stable, but you can still move it quickly.

4. Make it clean and organised

In addition to the space for playing and sleeping, you should organize a corner for storing toys and a space for learning and storing books. Next to the table, it is useful to place shelves and drawers for school books and accessories that are used daily. Add the storage space for additional books and fit it into the space with toys.

5. Let them have their own peace

The bedroom for school-age kids should be quiet, without too many visible toys and distractions. In order for children to love and feel like their own, it is important that they choose some little things themselves. It can be wallpaper, flags, lamp, carpet or wall stickers …

6. Don’t forget a bed!

And what kind of room is it without a bed and an adequate mattress? Additionally, if you need advice on buying a mattress or bed for your kid, feel free to check out our offer of mattresses and bedsteads. Or if you have any additional doubts or questions, feel free to call us!