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Storage beds will save you space

There is never enough space in an apartment, especially not storage space. Most of us find it hard to part with old things, and we always refresh our wardrobe with a few new seasonal pieces of clothing or footwear. Kids toys just pile up, and closets seem to be getting smaller.

The first thing that gets thrown out of the closet are extra quilts, blankets, bedding and pillows. They are too bulky and take up too much valuable space in closets.

Great choice for smaller apartments

If you are looking for a new bed, and you have these problems, consider buying a bed with storage. You can store all the bedding inside it and be sure that it will not get extra dust by standing around longer. What’s more, it will not bother you and create a mess in your room. Today, beds with drawers can be found in every style and size, depending on your wants and needs , and they are also extremely comfortable to sleep on.

What to look out for when buying a bed

When buying a new bed, you should first of all think about who you are buying for: a child, a teenager or an adult. A bed with storage will meet all requirements, no matter who you have in mind.

Perhaps the biggest collectors of things in the house are babies and small children. A bed with storage can serve as an excellent storage space for excess items, for storing seasonal goods and also for storing toys. Choose the one with drawers that are lower and they will be grateful when they find they can reach exactly the toy they want.

Consider the size of the bed

When buying a bed it is important to know what size you need. The size of the bed should primarily be adapted to the person who will sleep on it. Although we would all like to have as big a bed as possible, when choosing a bed we are always limited by the size of the room in which the bed will be located. Sometimes we don’t have too many choices.

Since closets are mostly the only storage space in the room, the size of the bed adapts to the needs of as large a closet as possible. However, if you decide to buy a bed with drawers that will serve as a great storage space, you can also buy a smaller closet, and thereby have a larger bed.

A bed full of style

The bed is a central place in the bedroom and must go with the decoration in the room. Whether it is a rustic or modern style, you can choose a bed with drawers that suits that style. Certain models of bed also allow the entire mattress to be raised, in which case the storage space opens below the entire length of the bed, and is completely hidden. In addition, drawers are often built into the bed so that they  cannot be seen, either on both sides of the bed or only on one side.

What to store in a bed with drawers?

Bed drawers are often referred to as bed linen drawers. However, you don’t have to use that space just to store extra sheets, pillows, blankets or bedding. You can also use them to store:

  • underwear and socks
  • pyjamas
  • seasonal clothes and clothes you don’t wear often
  • boxes with seasonal footwear
  • decorative pillows.

The only thing you need to be careful about is not to overfill the drawers. If you do this, the air will not flow enough between the mattresses, so mites will multiply more easily.

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