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Expert Advice: The Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain is an incredibly common issue, with 2 in 3 people having it at some point in their lives. This discomfort can be caused by multiple factors, including lifestyle choices, posture, and the natural ageing process. While no single solution fits everyone, one factor that can play a significant role in providing relief is […]

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Now is the time to turn your mattress

It is very uncomfortable to sleep on a compressed mattress. To make the bed more comfortable, it is advisable to periodically turn the mattress over, as well as rotating it so that the head is at the foot. There are other secrets to good sleep. How often the mattress should be turned depends on its […]

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How to choose a perfect mattress?

Are you waking up during the night or do you have a pain in your back? Is your mattress more than 7 years old or are you just looking for a newer and bigger one? These days there are lots of different types of mattresses and choosing the right one may seem like a painful […]

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